Going to college is the path most often talked about. Ask any high school student what they plan on doing after high school and many will say, "I'm going to college".  The typical follow-up, "For what?".  This is the question that paralyzes many high school students. They are not sure what questions to ask, how to choose the right classes or majors, they don't have a clear picture of what their future looks like and how to utilize college to achieve their goals. Learn more about our Leadership First Academy here.

In Response to COVID-19: Leadership First will move to an online/virtual learning platform. We are currently transforming our content and adapting to the circumstances so that we can continue to serve our community. 

Although in-person sessions are valuable and bring a unique perspective to the Leadership First experience, the results and outcomes remain the same. 

If and when we resume youth activities, we will abide by all safety measures and conduct business in a way that will keep our families safe. 


The Leadership First Academy includes our Legacy Projects. Legacy Projects are programs designed to assist participating youth in pursuing long-term success while influencing those that will rise up and follow in their footsteps. As defined in popular culture LEGACY means, "Leaving a memorable and lasting impression on those that will follow in your footsteps". We want youth in our community to leave a legacy of hope, inspiration, and perseverance.  Our slogan, LIVE, LOVE, LEAD Legacy is the understanding that who they are is how they will be remembered, every day they must live in the way they want to be remembered and finally, they must love who they are and what they stand for. 


Sports for Juvenile Justice (SJJ). SJJ is a collaborative initiative that seeks to place at-risk youth, who have already been adjudicated in court, into our sports-based youth programs. We are devoted to solving the incarceration crisis by building a community of strong children through athletics and leadership development. We work closely with the Philadelphia Family Court staff and related providers who place youth into our programs. We are currently running basketball, and football drills. In the future, we plan on adding fitness, self-defense, soccer, and volleyball.  In addition, we are looking to add volunteer and community service opportunities. 

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Now enrolling for Class 02! The next Leadership First Academy Class will start in February 2021 ! Performing Arts edition. Click on the logo to reserve your spot!

Leadership First Academy is a proud part of the MVP360 Family! MVP360 has been operating since 2014 and continues to revolutionize the way organizations engage communities in need. for more information visit https://www.mvp360.org/ or email mvp360@outlook.com. 

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