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Multimedia Productions is any sort of production that uses imagery and a combination of text, audio, and graphics to tell a story. This story might be the sale of a product, or it might be the narration of an event. It can be educational or it can be artistic or both, or all of the above. 


A degree program in multimedia might appeal to students who are interested in learning about various types of media entertainment and technology, including television, film studies, journalism, video production, interactive media and computer animation. Often provided through a university's communication department, these interdisciplinary programs focus both on emerging trends, technologies and standard methods of managing media. 

Careers in Multimedia Marketing

According to a report published by the International Newsmedia Marketing Association, multimedia advertising is becoming the mainstream. Advertising agencies, public relations firms, Internet marketing companies and other media companies, including newspapers and magazines, are employing multimedia as a major strategy for improving service and gaining an edge over the competition. Following is a sampling of career opportunities available in the realm of multimedia marketing:

  • Advertising manager

  • Creative director

  • Media director

  • Marketing or promotions manager

  • Product development manager

  • Market research manager

  • Public relations manager

  • Media analyst or strategist

Multimedia Fine Arts Careers

Even the fine arts have been influenced by multimedia technology. According to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, artists are using multimedia to explore cultural issues created by these emerging technologies. Photography, printmaking and graphic arts have all been touched by multimedia advancements as well. If you have the talent to pursue a career in the fine arts, here are career options to consider:

  • Photographer

  • Graphic designer

  • Multimedia designer

  • Installation artist

Multimedia Careers in the Entertainment Industry

In filmmaking, multimedia technology is changing the way movies are created, as well as how they are distributed. In the world of video gaming, visual effects are reaching extraordinary levels thanks to advancements in animation and other multimedia technologies. If you have an undergraduate degree in multimedia and would like to work in the entertainment industry, then consider the following careers:

  • Digital camera operator

  • Sound engineering technician

  • Multimedia artist

  • Film and video editor

  • Dubbing editor

  • Sound effects editor

  • Audio recording engineer

  • Game designer

  • Animator

  • Game Programmer

  • Game Tester

Other Emerging Multimedia Careers

Advances in technology are opening up a host of other career options for individuals with undergraduate degrees in multimedia. Engineers are needed to improve existing technologies and to develop new ones. Technicians are needed to install and service the devices used in multimedia applications. As multimedia continues to infiltrate our culture and work its way into our everyday lives, the future may hold even more unknown opportunities.

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